About BrandBlocks Marketing
What we do


The sky is the limit for our client’s brand. We build new brands from the ground up, transform brands with mistaken identities, or revitalize brands that have lost their sizzle. What sets us apart is our expertise at developing brand strategies and communications that skillfully and creatively leverage every appropriate media channel.

New media channels bring opportunities & challenges for every business. Social media, online communities, and mobile applications each offer unique advantages. We can help you bring digital thinking to the core of your brand communications strategy at a pace that fits your marketing objectives.

Our work may involve something as simple as a holiday e-card, e-commerce website, or a multi-faceted marketing program that develops with the client’s needs over months or years.

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About BrandBlocks Marketing
How we do it


BrandBlocks Canada see every client as a unique challenge. Every brand needs a different mix of the marketing palette and a campaign that is truely theirs. BrandBlocks Marketing uses traditional and new media strategies to build brands. Brick by Brick.

Why we do it


BrandBlocks has a unique offering to clients; the combination of the disciplines of strategy, design, technology and measurability into a unified offering. We believe in what we offer. Read about our services.

Who does it


Our team includes senior-level talent in marketing, design, digital technologies, 3D animation, web development and project management – all believers in the power of the brand. We are an academically, culturally and professionally diverse group; a quality that enables us to see the big picture, challenge one another, and serve our clients well.

Growing Brands

Growing Brands

We are dedicated to building/growing brands. Our goal is to provide companies with all the necessary tools to build,renew and develop a healthy brand.

Brainstorming Concepts

Brainstorming Concepts

Creative and accountable marketing ideas are what sets us apart. BrandBlocks marketing Canada believes in the marriage of analytics & creativity.

Highest Quality Design

Highest quality design

BrandBlocks Marketing Canada is all about sharp designs and slick, modern art. We design around your needs.

The entire brand experience

The entire brand experience

Holistic branding stems from a holistic marketing approach. Working with one agency to deliver all your marketing needs.

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